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Job Code: #10780
Title: Mirth Administrator
Job Location: Salt Lake City, Utah

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Job Description:

PDS has an immediate opening for a long term contract.  We need a Senior Mirth Administrator.


Percentage of duties

·         40% installing, monitoring, and maintaining Mirth Connect Channels and interfaces.

·         20% installing, monitoring, and maintaining communication systems software interfaces.

·         20% analyze, design and implement software programs.

·         10% Website and/or web service development.

·         10% Relational database design and maintenance. 


Skills and Experience

·         2yrs working knowledge of Linux (370/371.70)

·         6yrs working knowledge of Windows (370/372.20) – Run and Troubleshoot development environment.

·         4yrs working knowledge of Java JEE (290/292.40) – Maintain and enhance Java JEE applications.

·         6yrs working knowledge of Javascript (230/232.60) – Required to maintain and develop Mirth channels

·         6yrs working knowledge of SQL (290/294.00) – Query existing database tables, create tables, functions, triggers using SQL statements

·         3yrs working knowledge of PostgreSQL (190/192.00) – Write, analyze and troubleshoot SQL specific to PostgreSQL.  Write PSQL funtions. 

·         2yrs working knowledge of Mirth Connect (Certification Required) Administer, maintain and created interfaces and channels in Mirth 3.x

·         2yrs working knowledge of HL7 (240/240.40) – Read, parse, and generate HL7 2.x messages in Mirth and run logic and process messages.

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