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Job Code: #14394
Title: Principal Software Engineer
Job Location: South Jordan, Utah

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Job Description:

PDS has an immediate need for a Principal Software Engineer:


Principal Software Engineer


Our client is looking for a Principal Software Engineer to help the company through yet another multi-year cycle of double-digit yearly growth. The PSE will be a key player in the core team of senior engineering staff and will participate in the planning and development of the company's most challenging projects.


The ideal candidate will be a mature, yet aggressive, software engineer with a strong list of achievements and demonstrable progression in capabilities. The PSE should be a top notch problem solver with a keen focus on delivering quality solutions. The position requires a self-motived individual with strong work ethic.


The position will be extremely rewarding for the right individual — both financially and intrinsically. Your hard work will be recognized by department heads, and you will be personally responsible for the company's success. Your projects will be challenging, and you will be afforded a good deal of autonomy.



A minimum of 10 years engineering experience is preferred, with a demonstrable progression in capabilities befitting of an aggressively ambitious engineer.

The PSE should have expert knowledge of the following technologies and platforms:

  • C# (or Java)
  • ASP.NET(or Java equivalent)
  • JavaScript (including and associated frameworks, e.g., JQuery)
  • SQL Server
  • Performance tuning and query analysis
  • SQL Server internals
  • SSB (SQL Service Broker) or equivalent messaging queue desirable
  • Experience with databases housing 100's of millions of records desirable
  • NHibernate or any other Object Relational Mapper
  • IIS

Though not required, experience in the following areas is desirable:

  • SMTP protocol, e-mail deliverability, bounces, etc.
  • Building APIs utilized by many users
  • Architecture (e.g., building frameworks consisting of more than a handful of classes / types)
  • ANTLR / hand coded parsers / crafting domain specific languages
  • Salesforce and / or competing CRM systems

Education Requirements

  • A bachelor's degree in computer science or any related field (e.g., Math, Linguistics, Physics, etc.) is required.
  • The required bachelor’s degree from a top-50 university or international equivalent, preferred.
  • A master's degree in computer science or a related field from a top-50 university (or international equivalent), preferred.

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