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Job Code: #14630
Title: Salesforce Administrator
Job Location: Scottsdale, Arizona

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Job Description:

Technical Skill Set:

  • ADM 201 Certified at a minimum additional certifications a plus
  • Works with mid to large sized organizations using Salesforce specifically
    • At a minimum of 3 years’ experience with degree
    • At a minimum of 5 years’ experience w/o degree
  • NOT Developers as they do not have to code, but okay if they have some experience there and looking to grow potentially into that area in 2-5 years (we need someone in this role at least 2 years)
  • Connected Systems: Experience using Salesforce CPQ / Steelbrick / Big Machines / Aptus (or something similar) + experience working with price/quote products
  • Salesforce Ecosystem: Able to connect various systems together – sites, communities, portals, 3rd-party plugins
  • Process Automation: declarative features – workflow, process builder, etc.
  • Data Management Tools: Excel, Data Loader, DemandTools, etc.
  • Testing Experience: development / partial / full sandboxes, managing change revisions, QA/Regression testing
  • Experience managing reporting, metrics, & dashboards for multiple cross-functional teams
  • Bonus: If experienced moving from MFG to a SaaS environment especially within Salesforce

Candidate Profile (DNA):

  • Strong technical understanding + strong cross-departmental communication skills à This combo will be the toughest to come by but willing to sacrifice some technical skill set for high intellectual horsepower / high ceiling.
  • High intellectual horsepower & high ceiling to learn / grow
  • Problem Solver & Proactive Thinker – able to meet internal stakeholders, understand the actual needs, then translate these & execute on them. Also able to find / fix problems before they become problems – goal to building the perfect system with the least maintained needed.
  • Mini Project Manager with strong technical skills that is willing to get into the details of salesforce
  • Able to & enjoys working in a fast paced environment & likes to be challenged

Additional Notes:

  • Will not be managing a team, but working closely with Sales, Sales Operations, IT, etc.
  • Team Size: 2-3 individuals
  • No remote option, can work from home some days at the discretion of the manager if they are really strong & would be after they’ve built strong relationships with others
  • Avoid Job Hopping – would like them to be in their roles 2-3 years, but understand this role often sees some contract work. If mostly contract work the team would want to references as usually it’s a yellow flag that they have yet to be brought on full time anywhere.
  • We are unable to sponsor candidates for this role.
  • Selling Point: Besides our company mission / product set, we work on really cool projects & the company is willing to spend money on salesforce technology and always tries to work with top of the line technology + Unlimited / Discretionary PTO & Sales Ops is one of the best teams to work with.
  • Compensation: $80-90 Base + 10% company bonus – we have some wiggle room to go higher for a true Rockstar but this is the ideal target range


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