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Job Code: #15393
Title: Credit Analyst
Job Location: SLC, Utah

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Job Description:

Job description

Our client is a rapidly growing FinTech company located in Salt Lake City, Utah, and is focused on digital disruption in the $1+ trillion financial services industry. Our client's proprietary technology platform and machine-learning decisioning algorithms are changing the face and pace of consumer retail finance. Our client has a strong, supportive culture and is dedicated to its customers, merchant partners and team members. We are looking for someone who’s hard working and enjoys an environment that is mission and results driven.


The Ideal Candidate Should Be Able To Meet The Following Expectations


We are seeking a motivated, self-driven and innovative thinker who has a passion for managing credit risk and developing solutions that drive company success.



  • Provide financial and regulatory reporting and analyses to maintain adequate controls over the financial and regulatory reporting processes. Responsible for running complex business performance, risk and operational analytics. May include the development of analytical methods/models to assess market, credit and/or operational risk of new and existing financial products.
  • Leverage business / product expertise to rigorously analyze large datasets, improve risk adjusted returns, deliver profitable growth, and communicate conclusions. Synthesize analytical results and develops, recommends, and implements business strategies that improve lending decisions, assist in managing risk, increase revenues, reduce exposure to losses, meet business goals, and improve performance. Establish baseline for strategies and track actual performance to expectations.
  • Applies predictive models, third party data, and other tools to develop and execute appropriate segmentation and targeting for acquisition and portfolio strategies to provide insight into portfolio risk. Manages engagements with internal and external information suppliers ensuring solution is fit for purpose while maintaining appropriate governance and oversight.
  • Understands and communicates regulatory and financial accounting impacts on the balance sheet to various stakeholders. Interacts with compliance and management concerning portfolio analyses and credit risk appetite.
  • Works with business, data and model development teams to design, develop and monitor test designs and analytical reporting to track and enhance strategies. Designs/enhances standard reporting suites for regular product/portfolio reviews.
  • Collaborates with senior management, finance, underwriting to assess and establish risk appetite and to understand its implications, as well as to establish policies and procedures governing the identification, monitoring, and management of risk appetite.



  • Experience – 3-5 years, credit or portfolio risk
  • Analytical Tools – Proficient with R or Python for statistics, and SQL for querying databases


  • Analytical Approach – Synthesizes ideas and information required for process improvement into a manageable form.
  • Predictive Analytics – Knowledge of, experience with and ability to use the tools, processes and practices for predicting business trends and providing forecasts that drive business decisions and business planning.
  • Risk Management Banking – Knowledge of and ability to use tools, regulations, and business practices to assess and control an organization's exposure to risk.
  • Credit Risk – Knowledge of processes, tools, and techniques used to determine the degree of credit risk in a given transaction or customer relationship; ability to assess, rate and manage exposure to credit risk.
  • Performance Measurement – Knowledge of and ability to utilize a variety of methods to measure the performance on a particular portfolio against industry benchmarks and related parameters.
  • Business Analytics – Knowledge of technologies, techniques and practices for the evaluation of business performance data; ability to analyze business performance using advanced statistical methods to justify and drive future business planning decisions.
  • Mathematics of Financial Instruments – Knowledge of and ability to perform the mathematical calculations that underlie various financial instruments.
  • Operational Risk – Knowledge of policies and processes for operational risk management; ability to use tools, data, and best practices to identify, assess, and manage operational risk exposures.
  • Pricing Models and Analytics – Knowledge of pricing tools, techniques and methods; ability to assess analytical and pricing models through the use of statistical principles.

Education Required



  • M.S. or Ph.D. in a related field preferred
  • B.S. combined with robust experience and certifications will be considered

Personal Characteristics



  • Strong analytical and problem solving skills
  • Excellent communication skills with the ability to clearly explain technical topics to a non-technical audience
  • Team-oriented but able to complete tasks independently at a high standard
  • Structured, organized and detail-oriented
  • Proactive, enthusiastic and flexible
  • Fluency in English, both in oral and written form
  • Ability to take projects from conceptualization to implementation
  • Must be able to work onsite in our Salt Lake City office and be legal to work in the United States




  • Competitive Salary
  • Health Benefits
  • 401k
  • Life Insurance
  • Generous Paid Time Off (PTO)
  • Great Office Culture
  • Company Sponsored Events
  • Snacks and Rocket Fuel
  • Great growth potential in a rapidly changing company

Please contact our Recruiting Team for more information:  utahjobs@pdsinc.com 

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