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Job Code: #13893
Title: DevOps Engineer
Job Location: Salt Lake City, Utah

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Job Description:

PDS is looking for a DevOps Engineer.  This opportunity is with an outstanding, growing company in Salt Lake City.

DevOps Engineer

We’re needing a hacker. A real hacker. You know, the kid (at heart) that sits up late at night, learning all the cool new tech because they want to exploit it. To do all sorts of things that that technology was never originally intended to do.

Did you stay up till 4am, studying your heart out for the last 6 years, to pass your CompSci Masters?  That’s nice.

But, we’re more interested in that unique individual that, since they were 12 years old, stays up till 4am mastering cool new tech (even at the expense of their grades).
What kind of tech are we talking about? Linux, mostly. Some macOS. A dash or two of Android, and a sprinkle of iOS. Under that, the stars are the limit. Hardware, firmware, embedded, virtual. ARM, X86, Nvidia, CUDA. Python, BASH, C/C++, Java, Swift, Node. AWS, Docker, Debian Packages, GitLab, Maven, and more. AI (Deep Nets),
Machine Vision, TensorRT, Cafe. OpenCV, Gstreamer, ROS. This is how we get our hands dirty on any typical day in the office.
Enough conceptual. Our client is the coolest drone manufacturer in the world; and they are right here in the USA. Utah. Salt Lake City. We’re building the next gen of autonomous drones, that are also fun to fly. 80 MPH, and Terminator/SkyNet vision in the palm of your hand, with an SDK that is the fantasy of every
hackathon attendee. Seriously. We aren’t exaggerating.
We’re looking for someone who can help architect, build, and maintain a number of infrastructure components that will support our client's technology. They will start by standing up linux machines (some big, some small), and a couple of AWS
instances. From there, it’s off to writing and automating integration tests and release cycles, and eventually working with our hardware team on Firmware structure and OTA deployment mechanisms. We need someone who is as comfortable with grep, awk and sed, as they are with objects, lambdas, threads, and malloc.
You think you’re that ‘someone’? Does this sound like your kind of gig? Do I still have your interest? Cool.  Let’s get a bit more concrete.
You should be familiar with basic provisioning of AWS, have a moderate-to-advanced understanding of git, and GitLab specifically. Automation with Jenkins, experience with Apache, and the basics of UNIX firewalls, systemd,
Docker, unionfs and Debian package creation and management (we use Aptly). You should have an interest in coding and programming languages. We don’t need a master of any, but you should have experience writing
complex BASH scripts, and simple applications in Python and C/C++. You should be able to write Makefile’s and
CMakeLists, and have a sense for compiling code and linking dependencies. We use Java (Android) and Swift for
our mobile apps, so familiarity or interest in understanding these build pipelines is helpful. You should also have,
at least, a deep curiosity for hardware and embedded systems. Ideally, you have at least one Raspberry Pi and
one Arduino on your desk at home… just because. You’ll also be self motivated, and ready to take on new tasks,
not because someone asked you to, but because you saw that they needed to be done, or had a vision for how to
make something better. You’ll also have a strong sense of comradery, and a generally positive personality that fits well in a small office of passionate and dedicated peers.

please contact our Recruiting Team for more information: utahjobs@pdsinc.com

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