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Job Code: #14224
Title: Full Stack Engineer – Python
Job Location: Scottsdale, Arizona

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Job Description:

Full Stack Engineer – Python

Our client has an immediate opening for a Sr. Full Stack Engineer in the Scottsdale, AZ area.

Full Stack Engineer – Python


Our client is re-engineering its SaaS platform and it wants passionate and talented engineers like you to help build it. We’re a small, collaborative team where big players can make a big mark. We’re building a highly-scalable, modular platform with an event-driven, container-based, microservices architecture in AWS. This is a unique opportunity to make a meaningful and lasting impact on our product, and have the creative freedom to shape the foundation of our solutions for the years to come.

software engineers work across the full stack and are committed to optimizing the experience for our users. An engineer has input into the whole process of the company from business decisions to where our tech stack is going. You will be involved in all levels of the solutions we produce.

If you are a talented engineer, who loves building great products, and is ready to take on a new challenge and take ownership of your work, is the place for you!


  • Design and develop awesome new features for our clients. Develop, rinse, iterate.
  • Assist with the debugging, deployment, operation, and maintenance of existing and new code in stage and production environments.
  • Review code / merge requests, lead code review sessions, give insightful recommendations, and maintain excellent code standards.
  • Work closely with product owners and business analysts to understand requirements, breakdown work, develop multi-generational implementation plans, and execute on those plans.
  • Collaborate with UI/UX personnel to refine and implement new, innovative user experiences.
  • Architect solutions designed to scale. Research technologies/designs, perform tradeoff analysis, recommend solutions, and build those solutions.
  • Keep up with the latest technology and trends.
  • Proactively identify bottlenecks and opportunities for improvement; provide recommendations to act on them.
  • Provide mentorship and support to team members around best practices, architecture and design patterns.


Character & Abilities

  • Be a thoughtful do-er. It’s not enough to be insightful; regularly get your hands dirty with a can-do attitude.
  • Research, experiment, and collect data. Find out the answer to questions by being a data-driven empiricist. Prototype and be able to make the case for your recommendations.
  • Collaborate, pair, and extreme program with your peers. Fill white-boards with next-generation architecture and solutions.
  • Be flexible. Be willing to throw something away, take it back out of the trash can, and crumple it back up again as we learn more about the solution space.
  • Keep learning and be intellectually curious. Technology is a race and we need marathon runners here.
  • Be humble and be able to admit you don’t know. This is a team effort and sometimes more brains on a problem are the answer. Sometimes we’re walking a path with no known answers.
  • Own your solution from soup to nuts to tailing a log on the production server.


  • Bachelor’s degree in science, technology, engineering, or math; or commensurate work experience.
  • At least eights years of professional development experience writing applications in Java or Python; or related Object Oriented language.
  • Experience with full-stack web application development (e.g. AJAX calls to web server to database).
  • Experience hitting the command line and remoting into multiple distinct systems to troubleshoot problems.
  • Experience working in a team setting using source control technologies (e.g. Git, SVN).
  • Experience using testing frameworks (unit, integration, functional).


  • Master’s degree in computer science, software engineering or a related field.
  • At least three year of professional experience writing multi-tenant, SaaS solutions with a event-driven microservices architecture. Additional brownie points if it was PaaS or IaaS.
  • Demonstrable knowledge of Python and related frameworks (e.g. Pyramid, Django)
  • Experience using ReactJS or similar JavaScript frameworks.
  • Experience with SOA and microservices concepts, Web/RESTful Services, and Event-Driven Architecture.
  • Experience using enterprise level design patterns and technologies like caching (e.g. Memcached, Redis), message queues (e.g. ActiveMQ, Kafka, SQS), and non-relational databases (i.e. NoSQL, e.g. Cassandra, HBase, MongoDB).
  • Experience with modern virtualization/containerization and deployment technologies (e.g. Vagrant, Docker).
  • Specific experience developing or implementing Multi-Generational Product Plans and/or Multi-Generational Technology Plans.
  • Experience in Systems Engineering techniques such as Architecture Modeling, Alternative Analysis, Tradeoff Analysis, Portfolio Analysis, and Business Process Modeling & Reengineering
  • Experience with cloud architectures (e.g. AWS, Azure).
  • Experience working with cross-functional, agile teams.
  • Experience working with offshore and distributed onshore teams.




 For immediate consideration please send your resume to: phxjobs@pdsinc.com             


If you’re interested in and a strong fit for the above opportunity please provide your answers to the following questions:

1) Are you local (AZ)?

2) Are you currently working?

3) What is your availability to interview? How soon could you start if you were offered this position?

4) Are you a US Citizen? What is your citizenship status?

5) Do you have any upcoming vacations?

6) What are your annual salary requirements? What are your hourly wage requirements?

7) Are you seeking a contract, contract to hire, direct hire or are you open to all?

8) Phone number to reach you quickly for interview scheduling?

9) Are you currently interviewing? Do you have any other offers?


US citizens and those authorized to work in the US are encouraged to apply. We are unable to sponsor H1b candidates at this time. You must pass a background check and drug screen.


We look forward to working with you!

Thank you!

Your PDS Team
Productive Data Solutions, Inc. 
Web: https://www.pdsinc.com


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