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Job Code: #11560
Title: Lead Software Engineer
Job Location: Denver, Colorado

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Job Description:


Senior/Lead Software Engineer – Scala, Java, GIS


Denver, CO


Our client in downtown Denver is an industry leader in local discovery and travel, solving interesting, real-world challenges in geospatial, navigation, travel, local search, advertising, LBS, and micro-transactions.


We’re looking for a top, local, lead developer who loves technology, especially the ‘under the cover’ stuff. As a leader for our geocoding team, we’re looking for a software engineer who is passionate about capturing, storing, manipulating, analyzing, managing, and exposing services for all types of spatial or geographical data.

As a geocoding software engineer, you’ll work as part or our core development team to design and implement a highly-scalable and high-performing services architecture. The ideal candidate will possess an understanding of software engineering with skills in SCALA, or JAVA, in a large cloud environment.

The geocoding software engineer will also drive and champion test-driven and agile development, as well as promoting and evolving best practices within the organization. You will be detail oriented, self-directed, self-motivated, with a strong capacity for working successfully and flexibly with members across the organization. 


  • Owns the design and development of significant components or modules and contributes to reviews of other components within the overall architecture
  • Ensure that code adheres to defined standards and best practices for accessibility, security, standard coding practices, performance and quality
  • Routinely delivers working software solutions that meet user story acceptance criteria.
  • Practices Agile development methods and exemplifies core agile values of transparency, collaboration, embracing change and iterative development.  
  • Provide leadership, mentoring, and technical training to team members
  • Demonstrates ability to ‘keep current’ with emerging technology trends and research
  • Model, design, and develop REST-based web services and APIs in accordance with API standards
  • Develop geocoding algorithms and decision trees
  • Tasks for data evaluation and integration, data cleansing, standardization, un-duplication
  • Utilize Big Data, ETL, data processing or data warehousing technologies that process very large datasets and databases


  • Proficiency in Computer Science fundamentals – object oriented design, data structures, services architecture, algorithms, problem solving, and complexity analysis
  • Experienced at software performance, scalability, maintainability, reusability and security
  • Competent in Java or SCALA
  • Experience in GIS, Geolocation or Geoservices preferred but not required
  • Proven track record of delivery
  • Practitioner of Agile/Scrum and test driven development
  • Ability to operate in a fast paced environment with ability to change rapidly
  • High energy with a positive attitude
  • Eager and willingness to learn
  • Strong communications skills and team-oriented mindset


  • A Bachelor's degree in Computer Science, Software Engineering, Information Technology or equivalent experience
  • Minimum five (5) years’ experience in software engineering and design



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