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Job Code: #15414
Title: PD Electrical Engineer
Job Location: Roy, Utah

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Job Description:

Performs electrical engineering activities (hardware and software) in support of specialized test equipment supporting AF aircraft systems.

Also supports the identification and remediation of electronics root cause failures, reliability and associated technical analysis. Develops analog, digital and RF electronics designs. Applies industry best practices, practical experience, theories and concepts in implementing solutions. Applies standard engineering techniques, processes and criteria to system upgrades and modifications. Understands technical requirements and delivers quality results that meet customer needs.

This is a full-time (40 hours per week), non-supervisory position.

Job Duties/Tasks:
• Specialized test system design, test, modification and calibration, including Environmental, Shaker, Test, and Control Systems
• Radio Frequency (RF)/RADAR test system design, test, fault diagnosis, modification and calibration
• Reverse engineering of existing electrical systems and/or components to support modification or return to service projects
• Technical Requirements:
o Develop/Design system and component specifications
o Define requirements allocation from system down to the component

System Design:

  • Analyze a problem from multiple perspectives and explore creative solutions
  • Develop design and ensure operational specifications/requirements are met
  • Design modifications/upgrades to replace components by assessing viable substitutes, to include assessment of hardware/software/firmware specifications and performance


  • Implement design to create a working system that meets specifications
  • LabView programming in support of Specialized Test Equipment
  • Document design accordance with customer requirements


  • Ensure self-test and baseline performance is maintained
  • Ensure system calibration and settings are optimized
  • Assist in definition of test cases for Specialized Test Equipment
  • Validate system performance


  • Evaluate performance, identify deficiencies, recommend repairs
  • Troubleshoot electronics issues to their root cause
  • Motion control systems: hardware/software, calibration
  • Source and Antenna rotation systems: adjust rotator synchros
  • Perform high precision alignment verification (with Auto-collimator/lasers/mirrors)
  • Document configuration changes in technical documentation accordance with customer requirements
  • Keep current with state-of-the-art technical innovations/advancements in electrical engineering
  • Support business proposal development by providing expert technical input

Minimum Requirements
• Ability to successfully work and communicate as part of a high-performance team
• Thorough knowledge of electronics systems, components, operations, and repairs
• Ability to troubleshoot RF systems and circuitry including analog, digital, power and passive devices, as well as the software/firmware implementing RADAR receive and transmit functions
• Ability to perform functional analysis, requirements allocation and interface definition to translate high-level design requirements into detailed hardware and software specifications
• Ability to reverse engineer and create schematics from a physical item
• Proficiency with computer systems and tools, such as MS Word, MS Excel and MS Project
• High attention to detail with a desire for excellence
• Proven ability to work independently and productively with minimal supervision and direction
• Able to successfully self-manage multiple assignments under deadlines
• Ability to work at the local customer work site (Hill AFB) when required to facilitate diagnosis and repair

Desired Additional Skills:
• Experience writing technical documentation (and doing well at it)
• Experience designing Printed Circuit Board (PCB) layouts
• Experience supporting Interface Test Adapters (ITAs) &/or wire harnesses design
• Experience working with environmental chambers and vibration test equipment
• Working knowledge of the aerospace or defense support industries including; terminology, writing conventions, use of acronyms/abbreviations, MIL-STDs, etc.
• Experience working on projects for the US Military or US Government
• Experience designing calibrating, and repairing Motion Control Systems, Source and Antenna Rotation Systems, and Auto-collimator Systems
• Experience in the design, operation and maintenance of the F-16 APG-68 RADAR and its supporting test systems is highly desired.
• Experience supporting proposal activity (technical and associated cost estimates)

Education and Experience
BS in Electrical Engineering or Physics (RF emphasis) and at least 7 years of experience, with 5 years in RF/RADAR related work; or 5 years of experience with an MS in Electrical Engineering or Physics (RF emphasis) and 3 years in RF/RADAR related work.

Physical/Work Environment 
Standard Monday-Friday work week, with flex time
Office environment, with much of the day sitting or standing at a work station for long periods
Ability to lift up to 45lbs
Occasional hands-on field troubleshooting of RF and test systems for a local customer
Some travel may be required

Must be a US citizen, and able to pass a favorable local and National Agency Check (NAC)
Must be able to obtain and maintain a DoD Security Clearance up to SECRET
Assure work performance adheres to all company policies and directives
Maintain proper time accountability as required by DCAA
Support and perform other duties as assigned by Project Lead and/or Supervisor

Please contact our recruiting team for more information at utahjobs@pdsinc.com

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