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Job Code: #15954
Title: Product Leader
Job Location: Ambler, Pennsylvania

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Job Description:

In the Agile Scrum software development environment, the Product Leader is the product's key stakeholder. The Product Leader develops and maintains a vision for the product and is responsible for communicating that vision to the SCRUM team, users, and the organization as a whole. The Product Leader is responsible for the product and product features from concept to delivery. The Product Leader works with SCRUM teams, software architects, infrastructure teams, product users, product stakeholders, and organizational leadership to ensure the business, quality, and functional goals are met with each increment of product success. The Product Leader is responsible for orchestrating the design, usability, quality, engineering, and delivery of the product. The Product Leader is the key decision maker on topics related to prioritization and feature implementation, while also coordinating decision making over many other topics related to product development. The Product Leader works to ensure all stakeholders are aligned at each stage of the product development lifecycle. The Product Leader maintains a multifaceted vision – understanding the user experience, the product's engineering needs, and the organization's business objectives – while being ultimately responsible for ensuring execution of a vision that will truly delight the customer.

Position Expectations

• Relentless pursue product innovation, transformation, and disruption – apply this to all aspects of the position

• Initiative and translate product roadmaps into manageable product backlog

• Manage, adjust for risk, and prioritize product backlog

• Be available for teams during SCRUM ceremonies

• Differentiate and understand the relationship between the product development lifecycle and the software development lifecycle

• Operationalize the product into the mainstream organization, focusing on critical KPIs to measure and quantify success

• Become familiar with the organizational development practices, platform requirements, and product management frameworks • Manage communications on the product throughout the organization

• Understand the primary activities and supporting processes for value maximization

• Be able to connect and empathize with internal and external users and stakeholders

• Have an intimate understanding of Agile methodologies and implementations (including SCRUM and Kanban)

• Push the users and stakeholders and pull the team to maintain a continuous velocity stream, ensure quality, eliminate defects, and team motivation

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