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Job Code: #11906
Title: Sr Solutions Engineer
Job Location: Centennial, Colorado

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Job Description:

Job Title: Sr Solutions Engineer w/ Microservices

Sr Solutions Engineer with Microservices

Our client in the DTC is seeking a highly motivated, skilled, and experienced Senior Programmer/Analyst to join their investments technology development team.

The ideal candidate will have a passion for delivering quality user-focused solutions along with the ability to thrive in an ever evolving technology environment.

This development leader will be a key member of an agile development team delivering a transformation effort to build out a domain model, supporting micro-services and a streamlined user experience across its systems.

The platform will be used directly by investments (eg.portfolio managers, traders, risk managers) to manage day to day operations. The lead will be expected to do hands on development, create working POCs, conduct demos, and provide mentorship to peers with less experience.

The candidate must have strong communication/interpersonal skills, a can-do attitude, creative imagination, flexibility and versatility, and ability to contribute to a disciplined-and-entrepreneurial work environment.

Principal Responsibilities:

· Participate in all aspects of the system development life cycle with specific focus on the design, estimation, construction, and testing of both service- and web-tier components

· Facilitate discussions with business partners to determine needs and appropriate solutions

· Collaborate and build strong relationships within the technology group and a variety of business groups, as well as external vendors and offshore partners, to assist in delivering greater value to the business and customers.

· Confidently support existing software solutions and web services built on a J2EE, Spring, Tomcat or Web Logic technology stack.

· Possess the ability and desire to dive into an existing codebase and grasp the functionality, design, and refactoring opportunities in the code.

· Finding new or improved ways of performing quality processes and test-driven development to support a dynamic application solution mix, using tools such JUnit, XMLUnit, JMock, and Fitnesse.

· Share past experience and mentor fellow team members in improving the team’s implementation and development discipline

· Ownership of the full life cycle for the solution, from analysis and design through testing and delivery

Competencies for Success/Qualifications:

· Bachelor’s degree in computer science, computer information systems, or related study

· 5+ years of experience building and supporting applications using modern Java Spring based technology

(SpringBoot, Groovy, Grails)

· Experience in creating or leading the team forward in all aspects of automation strategies, XP practices, continuous validation processes, and other techniques to improve speed to market and quality.

Keen understanding of performance issues and end to end debugging capabilities

· Demonstrated knowledge of Object Oriented design, including familiarity with various design patterns

Comfortable in both Agile and Waterfall SDMs

· Excellent interpersonal and written & oral communication skills

· Organizational skills and ability to multi-task, organize, prioritize and meet deadlines

Specific Technologies and Skills of Interest:

• SOAP & REST Architecture

• Enterprise Integration Patterns

• Microservices,

• JMS Message Architecture (Active MQ)

• API Management (registry, discovery, auto scale, containers, etc…)

• Private Cloud services based development

• NoSQL database experience (Redis, MongoDB, Cassandra, etc.)

• Domain Driven Design

• Test Driven Development

• Security (OATH2/LDAP)

• Continuous Integration and Delivery

• Experience with the web development using HTML5, AngularJS, jQuery

• Mobile development (PhoneGap) a plus


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