staffingImageAt PDS, we understand that people are what make projects successful, and just as individuals are unique, so is each project.  We start by truly understanding your resourcing needs, skills and timelines; not by filling your inbox with resumes and your voicemail with “what-do-you-thinks”.  We then work with you to find a delivery model that allows the flexibility to adapt to future state needs, with the responsiveness to manage along with current resource gaps.  Being able to deliver the right resources through a flexible model is our goal with each engagement.

Our Staffing Services


A more traditional staff augmentation; billed by the hour for each hour worked.


Now one of the fastest growing hiring models, as it provides a “try-out” period for both the client and the resource before a formal hiring commitment is made.  This model is often used in building out the key resources of a project team for re-transition upon completion, and has proven to significantly reduce turnover, loss of IP and the high costs associated with re-hire and re-transition when the “wrong skills” are hired at inception.

Direct Hire

When a client prefers to hire full-time employees directly, PDS offers our recruiting, screening and qualifying processes on a fixed-fee hire basis.